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Published Papers

Sutcliffe, K. L, Levett, K, Dahlen, H. G., Newnham, E., & MacKay L. M. (2023). The application of childbirth education strategies during labor and birth: A systems perspective using Bowen family systems theory. (In press).

Sutcliffe, K. L., Levett, K., Dahlen, H. G. & MacKay, L. M. (2023). How do anxiety and relationship factors Influence the application of childbirth education strategies during labor and birth: A Bowen family systems perspective​. International Journal of Women's Health, 15. doi: 10.2147/IJWH.S399588

Cooper, J.,Yu, M.-L., MacKay, L. & Brown, T. (2023). Exploring changes in family functioning when a child participates
in a School-Based Filial Therapy program. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 00, 1– 24.

Cooper, J., Yu, M.L., Brown, T. & MacKay, L.  (2022). An exploratory study of facilitator adherence to a School-Based Filial Therapy programme. International Journal of Play, doi: 10.1080/21594937.2022.2069349

Piteo, E. M. S., &  MacKay, L.M. (2021).  Differentiation of self and mental health symptoms in emerging adulthood in Australia: The role of parenting behaviours. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 42(2), 201–224.

MacKay, L M. (2017). Differentiation of self: Enhancing therapist resilience when working with relational trauma. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 38(4), 637-656.

MacKay, L. M. (2017). Editorial: Relational Trauma Special Issue. The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 38(4), 557-560.

MacKay, L.M. & Brown, J. B. (2013). Collaborative approaches to family systems supervision: Differentiation of self. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 34(4), 325-337.

MacKay, L.M.(2012). Trauma and Bowen family systems theory: Working with adults who were abused as children. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 33(3), 232-241.

Fraser, B. MacKay, L., Pease, L. (2010). Interview with Michael Kerr. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 31(1), 100-109.

MacKay, L. M. (2003). With my father: Grief work and therapy's soulful places. Psychotherapy Australia, 9(2), 46-51.

MacKay, L. M. (2000). J. R. Carrette, Foucault and religion: Spiritual corporality and political spirituality. [Review of Foucault and religion: Spiritual corporality and political spirituality, by Jeremy R. Carette]. International Journal of Critical Psychology, 8, 186-189.


Conference Presentations
  • MacKay, L.M. (2022). 'Family businesses, understanding the good, the bad and the predictable……' Young Presidents Association  Annual Conference, Hunter Valley, NSW, Aust., 30 April. *Keynote Address.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2021). 'The family emotional response to trauma." The Family Systems Institute Annual Conference. 17 August. *Keynote Address

  • MacKay, L.M. (2020). ‘The therapist & Bowen family systems theory’. AAFT. Sydney, October 14.  

  • MacKay, L.M. (2019). ‘Bowen family systems theory & the self of the therapist’. AAFT Pan Pacific Family therapy Conference. Melbourne, Ocrtober 17.  

  • MacKay, L.M. (2018). ‘Thinking through responsibility for risk: The clinician, the wider treating system, and the suicidal young person and her family’, The 39th Australian Family Therapy Conference, Sydney, 11-12 October. 

  • MacKay, L.M. (2018). ‘Organizational maturity’, Centacare, Orange, NSW, September 11. 

  • MacKay, L.M. (2018). ‘Mature leadership’, Parramatta Mission, Sydney, NSW. November 2. 

  • MacKay, L. M. (2018). 'Understanding anxious parents'. Tedx Sydney Pitch Presenter, Sydney, February 13.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2017). 'Relational trauma and Bowen family systems theory'. Family Therapy One Day Symposium, Sydney, May 12.  *Keynote Address.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2017). 'How do we best care for ourselves as therapists?' ANZAP Symposium, Sydney, April, 29.  *Keynote Address.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2017). 'The challenges of co-regulation and differentiation of self in non-kinship care from a Bowen family systems lens', Center for Study of Natural Systems and the Family Symposium, February 17, Houston, Texas.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2015). 'Anxiety in the context of the family'. Northern Beaches Child and Family Interagency Forum, Sydney. October 28. *Keynote Address

  • MacKay, L.M. (2014). 'The influence of family emotional process and anxiety on developmental challenges: A Bowen natural systems perspective', Hunter New England Health Psychology Conference, 'Psychology across the Lifespan’, University of Newcastle, November 14.*Keynote Address.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2014).'Two competing forces – the need for autonomy and the need for intimacy – How to think about functioning under stress in families and at work', Cooperation and Conflict in the Family Conference, University of NSW, February 2-5.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2013). 'Attachment, Anxiety and Systems', Keep Them Safe-Whole Family Team Forum, Sydney, March 11-12. *Keynote address.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2011).'Family systems and child abuse', Australian Independent School Counsellors Conference, Terrigal, NSW, May 26-27. *Keynote address.

  • MacKay, L.M. (2010). 'Working with dissociation: Subjectivity, recognition & trauma', Redbank Lecture, June . *Keynote address.

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