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Common questions Worth Asking in Family Business Coaching:
  • Are you running a Family Business Like you ran the family?
  • Are you encountering the Same issues you had in your family, in your Family Business?
  • Are you using your Family Business to Fix the issues you had in your family?

Family businesses can go very well and last generations or they can fail, VERY, VERY, quickly, barely lasting one change of leadership from a single generation to the next.

Some families appear to work very well together, sharing and working towards clearly defined goals, and managing and adapting to the demands of an ever changing economic environment. Each person appears to be able to work within boundaries that demonstrate clear demarcations between what each family member is responsible for and what they are not, and manage responsibly any tensions that ensue.

But MANY, MANY other family businesses struggle with the above. There is no clear leadership, or the family leaders struggle to be effective, privileging "everyone getting along" over making hard, respectful and responsible business decisions.

Family Business Coaching looks at what gets in the way of running a successful family business. The dynamics that are in play in the original family, triggered by the hypersensitivity of emotional responses to stress and relationship challenges may still play out in maladaptive ways.


When this happens, a focus on the best interests of the business and on its competitiveness and survival in the market are lost.


Thinking through the challenges of living with difference and being better able to observe and intervene in creating a better functioning environment as well as better business solutions are the aims of family business coaching with Linda MacKay Consulting.

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