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For lawyers, financial advisors and family and child coaches working in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice.
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Reflect and respond thoughtfully

Use Linda's facilitation skills and experience to assist you in

  • Working independently with families who share a commonality of high conflict, high anxiety and lowered ability to manage emotional states and respond appropriately at the behavioural level

  • Managing and responding to family violence guided by clear principles, clinical theory and a sound understanding of Family Law legislation in relation to family violence and child-at-risk situations

  • Managing the anxiety inherent in issues of relocation affecting children and their families

  • Remaining neutral, objective and child focussed

  • Maintaining reflective and evaluative capabilities whilst managing the constant invitations to lose neutrality and to align with one parent and “demonise” the other

  • Managing independently the tension of sitting with disparate points of view, for example, a mother who is convinced that the father has sexually abused their child, a child who has made convincing allegations of sexual abuse and a father who vehemently denies the allegations and who provides a plausible explanation, where any forensic evidence is inconclusive.

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